Friday 2 July 2010 September 15, 2015

It's been a long struggle but we finally reopened the clinic last Sunday and immediately got a rush of patients. Some came from as far as Mosul which is 580 km north of Najaf and Iraq's 2nd largest city. The electricity is one of the major problems here in Najaf. We rarely get more than 6 hours of electricity a day and have to resort to petrol generators, which are noisy, dirty, and frequently break down. Added to that is the challenge of finding a continuous supply of petrol to keep it running particularly difficult to get hold of in the summer months because nearly all homes here have petrol generators and also expensive at about $20 for 20 litres which lasts us 12 hours. The recent BBC article Baghdad diary: searching for power certainly rang true for me. That's all the doom and gloom for now! The important part is that the patients are eager for the service and they leave the clinic happier than when they enter.

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