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    Haidar was four years old when his family fled Iraq for the UK. He trained as an ophthalmic surgeon at Bart’s Hospital and returned to his hometown of Najaf with his father just after the war had finished. One of the very few foreign surgeons to be granted a licence, Haidar was deeply shocked at the state of the hospitals and clinics he visited. Turning away patients who were going blind because they had no money to pay for what are routine, highly successful operations in the NHS, Haidar resolved to do something. A chance conversation with a patient, Sharon Ridsdale, at the Royal Free Hospital led to the creation of the All Eyes Foundation.

    Haidar lives in London where he practices as an NHS ophthalmic surgeon. He commutes to Najaf twice a year where he performs operations, trains local surgeons in modern techniques, advises on the university’s curriculum and donates medical equipment and supplies.

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    Haidar’s father Wahab Al Hakim has been dedicated to the All Eyes Foundation since its inception. He lives in Najaf where he plays a vital role in managing operations and representing the charity on the ground.

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    Sharon Ridsdale

    Sharon first met Haidar in 2004 when she was his patient for a cataract operation at the Royal Free Hospital. Recently back from his first trip to post-war Iraq she was horrified at his description of the desperate healthcare situation he witnessed and resolved to help him found the Al Hasan Foundation.

    Sharon was instrumental in getting the Foundation off the ground and has worked tirelessly on its behalf ever since. She has over 20 years experience in the voluntary sector and currently works for the charity Counsel and Care.